The Best Places To Find Cheap Health Articles

When running a health blog, content is the biggest factor as to whether your website will succeed or fail. Having the best health content can really push you ahead of the game, as there is a lot of competition amongst health webmasters. Here are the best places to find cheap health articles:

Mechanical Turk- This site is owned and operated by one of the biggest online merchants and stores, Amazon. Mechanical Turk has been under fire for their ethical procedures, as many people feel it is wrong to have someone do a task for only cents, but it is a good option for buyers who don’t have a lot of money for articles. You can set up an account and request an article. I would suggest making one request for multiple articles. This will save you money and time. Then, you will have to pre-pay the website in advance. The request is then set in a live feed. You then will have to wait fo rsomeone to accept yoru request. Once the articles are done, then the website will pay the writer upon your approval.

Self Employment Money Now- This is a fairly established blog that offers business resources for people looking to make money online or become self employed. They are a little over a year old, and every once in a while, the owner of the blog offers quality and original health articles for sale directly from the blog. Potential sellers have the option to look at the article’s sample to see if they are interested. This is a good option, as one article pack of 10 articles can go anywhere from $20-$40 which is really good. Most original articles can cost triple this.

Webmaster forums- Webmaster forums are a good way to find quality health articles. There are a ton of writers who hang out at forums looking to sell their content. This is perfect for buyers who are looking to buy their articles in packs or seperately. The only problem with buying health articles are the scams. Since most webmaster forums don’t work like most freelance sites in which the buyer pre-pays for the articles to the website, then it has a lot of room for scammers to take advantage of people. Two good websites to use is WarriorForum and Webproworld.

Freelance Sites- This is not one of my most favorite option, but it will do well if you don’t have a lot of money and want original content. Freelance sites sort of work like Mechanical Turk in which you pay the website in advance for an activity or assignment you want done.

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